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An “Unglued” Mama

When I am feeling unglued, my husband and kids can sense it from a mile away.  Commence the walking on eggshells.

So when I recently heard about a new book being released entitled, “Unglued,” I thought, “Hey, that sounds like me more times than I’d like to admit!”  But, I didn’t just hear about the book.  I think if God could have hit me upside the head with the book, He would have.  I have felt like an unglued mama for a looonnnggggg time now.  With all the demands of motherhood, a full-time job and a household to manage, I am just one spill of milk away from becoming unglued on a daily basis.

So, when Lysa TurKeurst’s book was being released recently, it seemed as though I could not get it out of my head.  I kept hearing about it and reading about it and listening to Lysa talk about it on the radio.  How could I not read it?  I downloaded it to my iPad and read the first two chapters.  It was right on point!  And then life got in the way and I didn’t read anymore of the book.

And then God thumped me again.  He showed me through Facebook an online Bible study led by Melissa Taylor of Proverbs 31 Ministries that started on September 23.  And I accepted the challenge!  Work, laundry, homework, grocery shopping, gym, potty training, stomach flu and all!  I have committed to completing my first online Bible Study along with 15,000 other women who know what it feels like to become unglued.  And I can’t wait!!